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[Serverfiles] Clean and stable (WOM2) 34k RRP
Good afternoon today I share these Server files that are very good and I decided to share it with you so that those who want to Create a Server I hope you like it
It can be downloaded by any of these 2 links
Mega Download Link


Download Link Drive


Virus total :



[Image: 53049_b3b42733494343c686d9577e07867b73.png]

What to start with:
1 - Resources are mainline_released.
2 - The binary is the original noval.
3 - Server files created in Wom2 34k build with many restructuring changes
4 -  You will need  freebsd  12.1 32 bit.

Contents and changes: 1 - Works in source, gcc48 and c ++ 11
2 - Trust instead of gmake dep
3 - Removed (Serverkey, Limit_time, googletest)
4 - Asynqsql fixes for latin2.
5 - The client is 450 MB, only the use of the server for pvp is preserved.
6 - All positions are rebuilt on the client.

What else do you need to do?  (This server is not ready yet, so you still have work to do.)
1 - From what I remember some systems ENG -> RO + locale_string.txt need to be translated for me to add them.
2 - The CH selection part in the interface is not completed in Photoshop.
3 - Maybe you still need fixes in the source ... That's what you are looking for ... I put what I think is useful
4 - Port -> you need to resolve the overflow in the packet.  (The server was multi-player tested, no big bugs ... but it may crash) You can use the Spenchless version and it's fine.
5 - As I don't have time for the npc part of the folders, these are the original ones ... so you have to make them your location where the npc is.
6 - You may need to delete everything in the "data" folder and get all the npc / monster files to do this again.
7 - For the / full command, you must put its elements in cmd_general.

source game

Quote:[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, -apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]#ifndef __INC_SERVICE_H__
#define __INC_SERVICE_H__

/ *** Systeme WOG *** /
// # define __AUCTION__ // House of actiuni pentru bresle. (Trebuie eliminat detot).
#define __PET_SYSTEM__ // Original Pet system.
#define ENABLE_FEATURES_FIRST_LOGIN // Level of inceput direct pe sursa.
#define __GUILD_START_WITH_MAX_LEVEL__ // Level if it punctures breasla 20 la createsarea ei.
#define __ELIMINARE_TIMP_PENTRU_BREASLA__ // Delete timp from asteptare intre crearea altei bresle.
#define ENABLE_DAMAGE_TOP // Top dmg Thomas Shelby.
#define DUEL_AVANSAT_BY_ANDREI // Rescris accumulate functioneaza si patrunderea + otrava + critika + blocare + incetinire.
#define __SWITCHBOT__ // Switchbot Sanii versiunea de 5 sloturi.
#define __HIGHLIGHT_SYSTEM__ // Higlight pentru iteme + Sanii Switchbot.
#define ENABLE_TITLE_SYSTEM // System titluri de la vegas v5.0 2019.
#define __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ // System Skinurii value3.
#define __VIEW_TARGET_PLAYER_HP__ // Vezi cate viata are a player.
#define __VIEW_TARGET_DECIMAL_HP__ // Vezi procentajul de viata la playeri.
#define __EFFECT_SYSTEM__ // System fumuri arm if armura.
#define ENABLE_AFTERDEATH_SHIELD // System protectie cand reinvii.
#define AFTERDEATH_SHIELD_DURATION 5 // Durata protectie cand reinvii.
#define ENABLE_SHOW_CHEST_DROP // Arata dropul cufarului.
#define __MOB_DISAPPEAR_FAST__VALUE 2 // Mobii dispar dupa 2 secunde cand sunt omorati (Mobi / Metine).
#define __SEND_TARGET_INFO__ // Vezi drop the mobi.
#define ENABLE_SHOW_QUIZ_NUMBER_OXEVENT // Arata numarul intrebarii la ox.
#define ENABLE_MULTISHOP // Cumpara cu obiecte din shop.
#define ENABLE_NEW_DMG // System pentru dmg fix.
/ *** Systeme WOG *** /

/ *** Citire Ip Extern GOOGLE WOG2 *** /
#define PROXY_IP // Citeste ip_proxy din configuri.
/ *** Citire Ip Extern GOOGLE WOG2 *** /

/ *** Protectie WOG2 *** /
#define __UDP_BLOCK__ // Blocheaza intrarile pe portul udp.
#define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ // Pachetele de date between client si server modificate.
#define ENABLE_PORT_SECURITY // P2P Securitate..Sa suga -cenzurat- wing of dadea flood.
#define WJ_SECURITY_SYSTEM // System de parola la logare.
/ *** Protectie WOG2 *** /

/ *** Fixuri WOG2 *** /
#define __FIX_EQUIP_ITEM_IN_SAFEBOX__ // Fix pentru adaugare iteme echipa in depozit.
#define __FIX_LONG_RESULT_LIST_TEXT__ // Fix cube2.
#define __FIX_PACKET_ID_CHECKED__ // Fix pachet.
#define __FIX_PC_SELECT_QUEST__ // Fix quest select.
#define __FIX_UPDATE_PLAYTIME_AND_ITEMS__ // Update timp jucat si iteme pe character.
#define ENABLE_ANTI_CMD_FLOOD // Cmd flood.
#define ENABLE_COORDINATES_ON_COMMAND_USER // Coordonate player.
#define ENABLE_FIX_QUICK_SLOT // Fix quick slot.

#define TELEPORT_COUNTDOWN_TIME 3 // Timp pentru astepatere teleportare (3s)


source client
Quote:[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, -apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]/ *** Systeme Wog2 *** /
#define ENABLE_SERVERNAME_FROM_SOURCE // Citeste number the client din sursa.
#define ENABLE_SERVERNAME " - War of Gods PvP Server 2020. | version 1.0.1" // Citeste number the client din sursa.
#define ENABLE_DAMAGE_TOP // Top Dagamage Thomas Shelby.
#define ENABLE_SWITCHBOT // SaniiSwitchbot.
#define ENABLE_HIGHLIGHT_SYSTEM // Highlight item + saniiswitchbot.
#define ENABLE_TITLE_SYSTEM // System by titluri by Vegas.
#define ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM // Systemul de costume.
#ifdef ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM // System skinuri arm.
#endif // System skin arme.
#define ENABLE_VIEW_TARGET_PLAYER_HP // Total view viata la playeri.
#define ENABLE_VIEW_TARGET_DECIMAL_HP // Vezi procentaj viata la playeri.
#define ENABLE_EFFECT_SYSTEM // System fumuri pe arm si armuri.
#define ENABLE_AFTERDEATH_SHIELD // System protectie reinvest.
#define ENABLE_PET_SLOT // Sloturi pentru peturi pe invent.
#define ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM // Noi sloturi inventory.
#define ENABLE_SHOW_CHEST_DROP // View drop din cufere.
#define ENABLE_SEND_TARGET_INFO // Vezi dropul the mobi.
#define LINK_IN_CHAT // Link in chat.
#define COPY_PASTE_SYSTEM // System copy-paste (ctr + c / ctr + v) = eterbase / ime.cpp
#define ENABLE_MULTISHOP // Magazin cu iteme.
#define ENABLE_REBORN_SYSTEM // System Reborn Vegas.
#define ENABLE_TW_LEVEL_MODULE // Enables showing needed level in window.
#define ENABLE_TW_YANG_MODULE // Enables showing needed yang in window.
#define ENABLE_TW_ITEM_MODULE // Enables showing needed item in window.

#define ENABLE_REALTIME_REFRESH // Auto refreshing.
/ *** Systeme Wog2 *** /

/ *** Protectie Wog2 *** /
#define WJ_SECURITY_SYSTEM // Parola intrare pe server.
/ *** Protectie Wog2 *** /

/ *** Locatie pentru server Wog2 *** /
#define LOCALE_SERVICE_EUROPE // Deoarece serverul este in romana, localele or sa citeasca diacriticile corect.
/ *** Locatie pentru server Wog2 *** /

/ *** Fixuri Wog2 *** /
#define ENABLE_TEXT_LEVEL_REFRESH // Nivelul isi face instant refresh.
/ *** Fixuri Wog2 *** /

P.S the server is in Spanish ... good luck xD
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